Mace Pepper Sprays

Safety Girl is proud to carry a large selection of Mace pepper sprays, gels, and guns at incredibly low prices. Mace is one of the leading pepper spray brands, committed to providing the best self-defense products for men, women, families, homes, and businesses. You can purchase Mace products with confidence, knowing that the company also manufacturers defense products for law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions.

Mace carries many varieties of pepper sprays and gels, but their Pepper Mace is the most popular. The Pepper Mace Leather Plus is the most basic of Safety Girl’s Mace products and features the classic Pepper Mace formula. With a glow in the dark locking safety cap and key ring, this eleven-gram unit can spray up to ten feet and contains five one-second bursts of spray. At a reduced price of only $11.99, this Mace pepper spray and holder makes a great gift for college students or women moving to a big city.

Safety Girl carries a wide variety of Mace 10% (1.4% capsaicinoid concentration) pepper sprays, which features Mace’s maximum strength formula. The Mace Leather Plus 10% Pepper Spray with UV Dye is contains five one-second bursts of Mace 10% Pepper Spray. Concealed with a compact and attractive faux-leather case and protected with a glow in the dark safety cap, this powerful spray also contains an invisible UV dye to mark an attacker. At a low price of $8.99 and available in five fashion colors, this pepper spray will provide you with top-notch protection from threatening situations.

The Mace 10% formula is also available in pepper foam and pepper gel. Mace 10% Pepper Foam combines Mace’s maximum-strength pepper spray with foam that will cover an attacker’s face when released. The foam instantly impairs the attacker’s vision, and if he tries to wipe the formula away, he will only rub it into his eyes and worsen the effects of the pepper spray. Mace 10% Pepper Foam also contains UV dye to invisibly mark an attacker. Mace 10% Pepper Gel combines Mace’s supreme formula once again with a sticky gel that covers an attacker’s face. Unlike pepper spray, which can contaminate an indoor area with a discomforting smell, Mace Pepper Gel is ideal for indoor use because an attacker can be sprayed directly without contaminating an entire area.

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