Mace Personal Alarms

If you’re looking for a personal alarm that will allow you to draw attention to yourself without causing any harm and cost you less than $20, look no further than Safety Girl’s fantastic collection of Mace personal alarms. Safe for everyone to use and convenient to carry, Mace personal alarms are the quickest, brightest, and loudest way to draw attention to yourself when you need help. With prices as low as $3.49 per alarm, you can’t go wrong with any of these great products.

Perfect for anyone at any age, the Mace Emergency Whistle is one of the loudest ways to alert others that you are in need of help. When blown, this bright orange whistle sounds a 125-decibel dual note shriek that will frighten your attacker and notify others to call for help. The whistle’s pea-free design and adjustable lanyard makes it easy and convenient to carry. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Mace Emergency Whistle also makes a great backcountry whistle. These great little whistles are available at Safety Girl’s website for just $3.49.

If you’re looking for a personal alarm that can be deployed with a button, take a look at Mace’s Screecher Personal Alarm. With the push of the push-top activator, the Mace Screecher delivers an ear-piercing 125-decibel sound that will alarm any attacker and potentially helpful bystander. The small but powerful unit easily fits into a pocket or purse, making it the perfect alarm for women, students, children, and elderly people. The Screecher unit contains 20 short sonic blasts and is available at Safety Girl’s website for only $7.95.

The Mace Safety Flasher is a great way to draw attention to yourself if you walk, run, or bike at night, dusk, or dawn. The Mace Safety Flasher features a red lens and bright light bulbs that allow you to be more visible in the dark. The Safety Flasher also comes with a neon armband for extra visibility. At just $7.95, this Safety Flasher will keep you bright and safe when visibility is impaired.

The best of Mace’s personal alarms, the Mace SportStrobe Alarm is the best way to draw attention to yourself during an emergency. The powerful but compact SportStrobe Alarm contains three features in one machine. The 130-decibel alarm and bright flashing strobe light are engaged by removing the safety pin from the top of the unit. The strobe light can be used as a flashlight without the alarm by pressing a small button on the side of the unit. The SportStrobe also comes with an attachment to mount the unit to a door or window for use as a home alarm. For a great price of just $15.95, Mace’s SportStrobe will help you protect yourself during an emergency situation.

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