The Safety Girl Original Kit

Ladies, you all know that Safety Girl is your one-stop shop for emergency kits. From roadside stress to wedding-day disasters, Safety Girl’s Emergency Kits include everything you need to remedy your situation. Fit perfectly in a pink bag, what woman could ask for more?

The Safety Girl Original Kit is “the one and only” roadside emergency kit that includes everything you need—and want—with Safety Girl sass! Roadside essentials include instructions to change a flat tire and jumpstart a dead battery, an accident record and Safety Girl pencil, a light stick and emergency blanket, and an emergency contact list.

Because every woman knows that staying fresh and clean in an emergency is essential, the Safety Girl Original Kit includes everything you need to keep up your looks in a stressful situation. Stay hydrated with a bottle of purified water and keep you breath smelling great with a Zox breath freshener. In the event that the wind or sun chaps your lips, you’ll find a lip moisturizer nestled in your kit, too. If an emergency—or just a busy day—flusters you enough to spill your coffee on your blouse, you’ll also find a Shout Instant Spot Remover wipe in your kit. Getting sweaty? The Safety Girl Original Kit also includes a Dove antiperspirant. Even if you get your period, break a nail, or rip your pants, Safety Girl has you covered: the kit includes tampons, a sewing kit, and a professional nail file for all your feminine needs!

Finally, because every Safety Girl needs some pampering, this great little kit includes an emergency pack of Ghirardelli chocolate and an aromatherapy headache remedy by Gilead.

With everything packed into a super-cute metal box with the original Safety Girl on the front panel, this kit is an essential for every woman. The Safety Girl Original Kit is available at for only $29.95, over $15 off the list price. What are you waiting for? Order your kit today and be prepared for anything!

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