Pink Hard Hats

At Safety Girl, we know that construction isn’t just a man’s job: women can work in the hardhat zone, too! Being outfitted for both safety and supreme style is of utmost importance for us women, and what better way to stay safe and sport your feminine side than with a pink hardhat from Safety Girl.

Pink hard hats are a popular product for women working in the construction and industrial industries. Fortunately, Safety Girl carries several reputable brands, including ANSI certified brands like North, MSA, Skull Bucket, and Fibre Metal. Hardhats, whether pink or any other color, are generally made of heavy-duty polyethylene (HDPE) or aluminum. HDPE is necessary for standard protection and aluminum offers additional protection from hazards.

If you’re looking for an excellent hardhat at an unbeatable price, then check out the Pyramex Pink Hard Hat. This bright pink ANSI-certified hard hat features an HDPE shell, low profile design, and four-point ratchet suspension. Other great features include rain troughs on the sides and back of the hat and a universal accessory slot for earmuffs or a chinstrap. Best of all, this Pyramex hardhat is available for just $6.49 at Safety Girl’s website and as low as $5.80 when ordered in larger quantities.

The Pink Hardhat by North also offers great protection at an affordable price. Similar to the Pyramex pink hardhat, this hat is ANSI-certified and features a grooved HDPE shell and ratchet adjustment. In addition, this hat meets OSHA’s vertical impact and penetration requirements and features a grooved design for a balance of style and safety. This hat also features a rain trough, accessory slots, three-level height adjustment, and two anchor points for a chinstrap. This awesome hot pink hat will keep you safe and stylish without hurting your wallet, either. Order this hat for just $8.24 at!

Looking for an aluminum hardhat? The Skull Bucket Pink Aluminum Hardhat is the perfect protection for women working in construction, demolition, logging, blasting, drilling, and more. Skull Bucket is a great brand to trust for aluminum hard hats because they are the only manufacturer that meets ANSI’s Z89.1-2003 standards. This hat is available with a front or a full brim. At other websites and stores, you may see this hardhat for the list price of $90.00, but at Safety Girl’s website, you can purchase this hat for just $66.50.

These are just some of the terrific pink hardhats that Safety Girl has to offer. Be sure to check out Safety Girl’s complete selection of pink hard hats. Not a pink woman? At Safety Girl’s website, you’ll find purple and blue hard hats, too!

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