Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners

Whether you walk or jog in busy urban streets or quiet country roads, it’s always important to be prepared to defend yourself in the event of an attack. Although many recreational enthusiasts are aware of the potential dangers of walking or running alone, most hate to be bothered carrying a pepper spray device. Some pepper sprays on the market might have a convenient holster or key ring, but few are designed specifically for walkers or joggers not carrying a keychain or purse.

Fortunately, Sabre, one of the most trusted manufacturers of pepper spray on the market, has designed a pepper spray to suit the needs of walkers and joggers. The Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners features an adjustable hand strap so you can carry the spray securely in the palm of your hand. The pepper spray canister is small enough to be inconspicuous to attackers, but in the event of an emergency, simply pull the canister out of the holster and POW! You’ll give the attacker a surprise he probably didn’t suspect.

Unlike some pepper sprays that only deliver a few shots before they empty, the Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray delivers 35 shots of powerful pepper formula. The spray also delivers the formula in a ballistic stream, reducing any wind blowback that could occur on your jogging route. Best of all, the Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray is available at Safety Girl’s online store for just $10.99! That’s a great value for 35 shots of powerful ballistic pepper formula!

As with any self-defense device, make sure you educate yourself on exactly how to use this pepper spray. Don’t walk or jog in areas that are potentially dangerous. Always walk or jog during daylight hours in areas where others could help you in the event of an emergency. Have a plan for how you will use your pepper spray in the event of an attack and practice removing the safety device. Remember, avoiding situations in which you are vulnerable is always the best way to stay safe!

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