Mace Pepper Foams, Gels, and Foggers

Safety Girl’s pepper foams, gels, and foggers are all powerful ways to ward off an attacker. Each with their own unique formula, the foams, gels, and foggers available at Safety Girl cause an intense burning sensation and temporary blindness for your attacker, allowing you time to flee a dangerous situation safely.

The Mace 10% Pepper Foam contains Mace’s revolutionary 10% pepper formula in a powerful foam consistency. When engaged, the pepper foam will cover your attacker’s face, cause painful burning sensations, and force his eyes to close. The foam also contains an invisible UV dye to mark your attacker. The large container contains five, one-second bursts of pepper foam that can reach up to ten feet but is still small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Due to its intense power, but relatively short range, pepper foam is best used in confined spaces, such as in a home or near a car. This great formula is also available in a Magnum size with ten, one-second bursts.

Mace’s Pepper Gel is one of the most powerful self-defense products on the market. With a 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, this pepper gel is hotter than most pepper sprays available to consumers, but is still non-toxic and causes only temporary discomfort. Mace’s pepper gel is sticky, adding an extra irritant to the intense burning sensation and temporary blindness your attacker will feel when you defend yourself. Unlike most streaming pepper sprays, which contaminate their effected area for hours after use, Mace’s pepper gel minimizes contamination but is still effective within a 25-foot range. This powerful pepper gel is available in large, magnum, and Home Defense sizes.

If you’re looking for a pepper defense formula that is best for camping and wilderness use, the Pepper Mace Outdoor Fogger is an ideal choice. With Mace’s powerful OC formula, you’ll effectively ward off any human or animal attacker. Mace’s unique pepper fog can spray up to eight feet and cover a broad area, providing you with excellent protection if your attacker is moving laterally. Like Mace’s pepper foams and gels, the Outdoor Fogger causes intense burning and temporary blindness to your attacker, allowing you time to flee the scene.

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