Bear Pepper Spray

Every year people are mauled and even killed by bear attacks.  One of my previous co-workers was actually attacked this year.  Luckily he survived, but he has some permanent scars around the back of his head and face that will forever remind him of his encounter.  I also had a large black bear rummage through our campsite this summer while camping with family.  It was just getting dark when we parked the boat and started walking up the hill towards our campsite.  As we approached the site, we were startled to hear “There’s a bear on our picnic table!”  My mother-in law was in her tent and had heard the ruckus of the bear looking for food.  I froze in my tracks standing bout 40 feet away from the large animal.  After making some loud noise, he gratefully went on his way back into the dark forest.

What if this bear wasn’t interested in leaving?  What if he stood his ground or decided to charge?  I wasn’t prepared.  From now on, I will be sure to equip myself with our Frontiersman Bear Pepper Spray.

Our bear pepper spray is the best animal attack deterrent on the market.  Designed for bear attacks, the FRONTIERSMAN provides a 30 foot range, glow-in-the-dark safety, and a heavy fog delivery. It also has 2.0% CRC (Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids) which is the maximum strength allowed by the EPA. Here are a few pointers to consider after you purchase your bear pepper spray.

  • Buy a holster – Don’t just throw it in your pack. You need to be able to access your bear spray quickly. Even though bears are large animals, they are very fast.  A black bear can run, for a short distance, as fast as 35 miles per hour. That’s about as fast as a horse or a deer can run.
  • Practice – Just like a firearm, you should practice drawing your pepper spray. Become familiar with removing the safety, aiming and spraying.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – Always be on the lookout if you are in bear country.  If you happen upon an animal carcass, be on guard.  Bears will feed on animal carcasses for days. Some of bears staple food are berries, fish, and pine nuts.  If you are near these food sources be on guard.

Always remember, bear spray works on any type of attacking animal.  So wherever you might venture, be sure to equip yourself with our FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray!

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