Introducing Impact Weapons

Attention all Safety Girls! You can now purchase impact weapons at Safety Girl’s online store. Unlike pepper sprays and stun guns, impact weapons are self-defense tools that are used to physically strike an attacker without the use of chemicals or electroshock. Batons are also among the least expensive self-defense tools on the market.

The baton is one of the most common impact weapons. Historically, police officers, correctional facilities workers, and security personnel most frequently used batons for less lethal self-defense, but they are becoming common for civilian use. When used effectively, a baton can disable an attacker by striking and jabbing.

Safety Girl is opening up its line of impact weapons with two types of expandable batons: one with a foam handle and one with a rubber handle. Each type of baton is available is available in three lengths: 16-inch, 21-inch, and 26-inch. The length of the baton refers to the size when the weapon is not expanded.

Expandable Batons
Expandable Batons

The expandable baton is great for civilian use. Ranging in size from 16 inches to 26 inches before expanding, the baton is easy to carry and conceal. Safety Girl’s batons even come with a nylon holster and belt loop to ensure that your baton is always within arm’s reach. When needed, just a flick of the wrist will cause the baton to extend to full length and lock securely. Once extended, you’ll be able to strike, jab, and hit your attacker with several feet of steel. One of the greatest benefits of a baton is that you can maintain a few feet distance from your attacker, preventing him from coming within arm’s reach of you.

Safety Girl’s batons are available now on the Safety Girl website for just $13.95 each for the 16-inch size, $14.95 each for the 21-inch size, and $16.95 each for the 26-inch size. Commit to protecting yourself in dangerous situations and order your baton today!

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