Pepper Spray Training – A More Effective Defense

Holding a can of pepper spray in your jacket pocket is not enough. Learning how to use pepper spray and the appropriate, vulnerable spots to target with this highly effective defense is crucial to personal safety.

Pepper spray training addresses multiple topics to improve your personal safety in all situations. Point of aim is addressed to maximize the incapacitating effects. Saturating your threats’ eyes with pepper spray produces the best results. The eyes are the soft tissue portals of the face and when hit with pepper spray, they slam shut helping you to evade the assailant and escape.

Training also works to teach pepper spray users how to react in life threatening situations. No matter how strong pepper spray is, you must be ready to use it. Otherwise, you may not have time to locate your pepper spray or fear could cause you to forget where to spray and how to spray. Learning the proper techniques and mindset will greatly improve the end result.

Pepper spray training classes include extensive product information and practical training scenarios. Assailants may not attack from the front, so what is the proper reaction to an assailant attacking from behind? Are their things you can do to help prevent this? Personal safety includes learning how to observe, move and defend against an assailant. Pepper spray training teaches users to gain the maximum benefits of the most practical non-lethal tool through training, education and practice.  We have a great training DVD that will help you master the techniques you need when using your pepper spray and other less lethal weapons. Click here to order the “Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect” Training DVD!

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