Women in Concrete Alliance

The Women in Concrete Alliance (WICA) is dedicated to providing women in the concrete construction industry with information, opportunities, and mentoring. An advisory board, which includes presidents, managers, and other leaders from a variety of construction and related companies, directs the activities of WICA. Although the idea for WICA began at with Hanley Wood’s Women in Concrete event at the World of Concrete, WICA today represents an ongoing network of women in the construction industry.

Kimberley Kayler and Kari Moosmann co-founded the Women in Concrete Alliance. The ten-member advisory board meets bi-monthly to ensure that WICA women are provided with meaningful information and networking opportunities and to discuss ways to continuously improve WICA.

At the WICA website, women can find a listing of news and events for women in the construction industry, a spotlight section and resources.

Recent news and events for women in the construction industry:

  • An invitation for WICA members to participate in a dialogue about women working in blue-collar transportation jobs.
  • An article about the sixth annual Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum.
  • An article about increasing leadership opportunities for women working in the concrete industry.

In the “spotlight” section, WICA women can find inspiring question-and-answer articles about women who are leaders in the concrete industry. Articles include interviews with powerful women executives, managers, and directors, such as Kitty Hoyle (owner of Wellington Hamrick), Janet Ong (marketing director of CTS Cement Manufacturing), Shelby Mitchell (managing editor of The Concrete Producer), and Cheryl Sment (President of Interstate Sealant and Concrete, Inc.).

The resources section includes links to two important publications for women in the concrete construction industry, The Concrete Producer and Construction Business Owner as well as a link to a listing of national and regional concrete organizations.

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