What makes pepper spray so effective?

Commonly known as OC sprays, pepper spray is a personal safety device, when used properly, aids in deterring the most aggressive attackers and subjects. Known for its inflammatory effects, pepper spray can cause temporary loss of vision, shortness/loss of breath and a burning sensation of the skin.

Mace Keyguard Self Defense Spray

It is also relied upon daily by over 40,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide. The reason being and the great thing about pepper spray, is it does not necessarily rely on pain to incapacitate. So whether an individual is on drugs or alcohol or emotionally disturbed, the aforementioned inflammatory effects go to work no matter the situation causing the eyes to slam shut.

If ever in a position where you are forced to use your pepper spray, make sure you aim for the eyes. When instructing law enforcement we typically recommend spraying ear to ear across the eyes (stream delivery).

So whether you’re a police officer, college student or anything in between; be prepared! Safety Girl urges all to have a plan. Be a hard target, and keep your pepper spray accessible and you’ll become far less vulnerable!

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