The Pink Roadside Emergency Tool Kit from Apollo: A Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

Safety Girl’s Pink Roadside Emergency Tool Kit from Apollo is an essential item for any woman who traveling by car this holiday season. This Roadside Emergency Kit contains everything you would ever need if you have car trouble packed into a compact, pink and black, soft-sided bag. Don’t leave home for the holidays without one!

The Pink Roadside Emergency Tool Kit contains everything you need in the event of car trouble. To remedy a dead battery, for example, the tool kit contains seven-foot booster cables. If you’re worried about tire pressure, the kit contains a tire gauge. The tool kit includes a vast assortment of tools, including an eight-inch adjustable wrench, voltage tester, air compressor, ratcheting bit driver and 20 drill bits, wire brush, electrical tape, and slip joint pliers. If you need to call for help, the kit includes a help flag. Best of all, if you make a mess and want to clean it up, the kit includes a mini car vacuum to keep your car free of debris.

This Pink Roadside Emergency Tool Kit from Apollo will help keep any woman safe this holiday season. The kit also makes a great gift for any woman you know who travels, whether she is a college student, busy working professional, or a mom traveling with kids. This tool kit is available at Safety Girl’s website for a low price of just $59.99, a savings of $12 off the list price. Discounts are also available for purchasing two or more kits!

Not only will the Pink Roadside Emergency Tool Kit keep you and women you love safe, but for every purchase of one of these tool kits, Apollo will donate a percentage of the proceeds to breast cancer research, so you can stay safe and support a great cause.

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