Pepper Spray Kits

Do you want to get started with Pepper Spray but need some practice? Safety Girl is pleased to offer unique Pepper Spray Kits that allow you to practice using Pepper Spray and become familiar with the products so you are truly prepared for an emergency situation. Check out some of the great Pepper Spray Kits available at Safety Girl’s online store.

The Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit is a great way to get started using pepper spray and protect yourself at home, in your car, and while you’re out and about. To protect yourself at home, the kit includes a Sabre Red Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger. To stay protected in the car, the kit includes the Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray. The kit also includes smaller canisters of pepper spray—the Lipstick pepper Spray and Sabre Pocket Self Defense Spray—that you can keep in your pocket or purse. For practice, the kit includes the Sabre Combo Keychain Self Defense Spray with an extra practice canister and two Pepper Spray Targets. Purchasing all these items as a kit saves you time and money and also allows you extra practice opportunities. This great kit is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $71.99.

Looking for a smaller kit that still offers practice opportunities? The Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kit for the Pen Unit includes one active pepper spray unit, two practice pepper sprays, and two targets all for just $21.99. Similar kits are also available for Cold Steel’s Key Chain Pepper Spray, 1.3-ounce Pepper Spray Kit, and 2.5-ounce Pepper Spray Kits at Safety Girl’s website.

Getting started with pepper spray has never been safer or easier! Order one of these great kits at Safety Girl’s online store today!

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