Carhartt Boots from Safety Girl

Safety Girl is proud to carry two great styles of women’s work boots by Carhartt. As you know, Safety Girl is committed to selling only the best and most reliable brands, and Carhartt Company is no exception to this rule. Here’s a bit of information about Carhartt as well as some details about the great boots available at Safety Girl’s website.

Southeast Michigan native and entrepreneur Hamilton Carhartt founded the Carhartt Company in 1889. After initially establishing a furnishing business, Carhartt realized he had to make his products stand out from the rest. Carhartt created his first product, an overall garment for railroad workers, by taking the advice of a railroad engineer. With only a few sewing machines and five employees, Carhartt originally only manufactured duck and denim overalls. Carhartt then traveled from town to town, determined to set his overalls apart from other competing brands.

Throughout the 20th century, the Carhartt Company expanded to over 17 plants and three mills in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Carhartt also created the Carhartt Master Cloth, a special blend created at the Carhartt mills for exclusive use in Carhartt products. Carhartt believed that clothing should be made by an honest manufacturer who is honest with his employees, and this value still holds to Carhartt products today.

Safety Girl is proud to carry two styles of Carhartt Boots: the Carhartt Women’s Steel Toe work boot and the Carhartt Women’s Soft Toe work boot.

The Carhartt Women’s Steel Toe work boot provides the ultimate in protection and comfort. With an ASTM safety rating to protect your toes from falling or rolling objects and a tough steel shank to prevent penetration, these boots will keep your feet safe even in the roughest conditions. These boots are available at Safety Girl’s website for just $123, a savings of almost $17 off the list price.

The Carhartt Women’s Soft Toe boots are perfect for women who need a protective and comfortable boot, but don’t need a steel toe. These boots feature waterproof and electrical hazard protection and feature an oil- and slip-resistant outsole. Order yours today at Safety Girl’s website!

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