CPR and First Aid Training DVDs

Summer Time is here, and what better way to start it off then by empowering yourself to save lives. To help you learn, Safety Girl has two great training DVDs: “Complete CPR” and “Basic First Aid.” Although you won’t become officially certified by the American Red Cross by following along with these DVDs, you’ll learn the tactics necessary to keep friends and family members alive in an emergency situation. Both DVDs are available at Safety Girl’s online store for just $19.95 each.

The “Complete CPR” DVD contains everything you need to know to be an effective first responder to individuals who are not breathing and/or do not have a pulse due to cardiac arrest, drowning, trauma, heart attack, sleep apnea, a concussion, or another medical complication. The video presents clear and easy-to-follow instructions for performing CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and using an Automated External Defibrillator. John Klatt, President and founder of American Safety, presents the information on the film. In addition to his work in training professionals, businesses and individuals in CPR and First Aid, Klatt trains United States Military personnel in the latest first aid and first responder techniques. Running time for the video is ninety minutes.

The “Basic First Aid” DVD provides instruction for responding to accidents that can happen anywhere at anytime. Presented by John Klatt, this instructional video will teach you to be an effective first responder to slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, cuts and lacerations, burns, head injuries, blocked airways, and cardiac arrests. Running time for the video is ninety minutes.

The “Complete CPR” and “Basic First Aid” DVDs are indeed a must-see for everyone. Whether you’re a business owner who wants to offer a first aid refresher course to your employees or a high school health teacher looking for a great way to provide first aid instruction, these videos are truly an invaluable choice.

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