Introducing Tactical Knives from Safety Girl

Safety Girl is now proud to offer an excellent selection of tactical knives. Tactical knives are designed for use in extreme situations that may involve close combat or fighting.  Safety Girl offers two types of combat knives from Schrade, a company with a long history of manufacturing some of the finest knives on the market. You’ll also find several knife varieties from Smith and Wesson, a globally recognized manufacturer of firearms for military and police personnel as well as hunters and gun collectors. You can’t go wrong with either brand!

The Schrade Silver Bling Folding Knife gives you the opportunity to bring out your feminine pizzazz and keep yourself protected. The knive features a two-inch, jet-black, Teflon-coated stainless steel blade. The lightweight aluminum handle with a flashy but feminine jewelry insert is what makes this knife really stand out. This knife is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $11.19, and is also available with a silver and pink jewelry insert.

Smith and Wesson outdid themselves with their line of SWMP military and police tactical knives. One of their finest knives, the Smith and Wesson SWMP4L, features a 3.6-inch, black, stainless steel, partially serrated blade. The blade also has an assisted opening feature, thumb lug, and an etched M&P Military and Police logo. The lightweight aluminum handle contains a black sure grip and rubberized inlay. To top it all off, the Smith and Wesson have also added an integrated window breaker, pistol style side safety lock, and a black finish stainless steel pocket clip. Order this incredible knife on Safety Girl’s website for just $44.49, a savings of nearly $20 off the list price!

If you’re looking for a simpler tactical knife available in multiple sizes, the Smith and Wesson SWAT Tactical Knife is perfect for you. The SWAT knife is available in three blade sizes: 2.5 inch, 3.2 inch, and 3.7 inch. With an anodized metal handle to ensure a firm grip, side safety lock, thumb knob, and black finish stainless steel pocket clip, you can’t go wrong. These knives are available in gray or black for as low as $32.99.

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