Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen 2

Tactical pens are among the newest addition to Safety Girl’s line of impact weapons. Tactical Pens are multi-purpose weapons that function as both a writing utensil and a self-defense/impact weapon. Because they are the size of an average pen, they make ultra-compact self-defense weapons, but they pack an unbelievable punch when you need them.

The Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen 2 is one of the most useful multipurpose pens on the market. Made of aircraft aluminum, the multipurpose pen contains six resourceful and powerful uses all in one device:

  • Pen
  • Fire starter
  • Kubotan
  • Self-defense tool
  • Window breaker
  • Keychain

To use the pen, simply twist the end of the instrument and you’re ready to write. To use the pen as a fire starter, just unscrew the pen’s top cap. To activate the ferrocerium rod, the metallic material that creates the spark, strike the pen cap across the exposed rod and you’re ready to start a fire.

The self-defense components of the pen include a kutoban and a window breaker. To turn the pen into a kutoban, just place keychain cap included with the pen on the end of the instrument.  A kutoban is a small stick used for close quarter self-defense techniques. Due to its small size, a kutoban is easy to conceal and does not appear to be harmful until used. The kutoban is most effective when used to attack bony, fleshy, or nerve targets of the human body, including the knuckles, forearms, bridge of the nose, stomach, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck, or the eyes. The most effective grips for the kutoban include the ice-pick grip or the forward grip to stab, strike, or hold the weapon against a pressure point.

The pen is also strong enough to break and shatter glass to help you escape in an emergency situation. The window breaker feature of the pen can also be used for self-defense purposes.

The Smith and Wesson Impact Pen 2 is an excellent self-defense impact weapon. Order yours today at Safety Girl’s website for a low price of just $29.59!

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