Stun Guns in Disguise

Looking for a stun gun that doesn’t look like a gun? Safety Girl has some great options to suit your needs. By carrying a disguised stun gun, you’re attacker will think you’re trying to make a phone call or shining a flashlight, but you’ll really be getting ready to immobilize him.

As long as stun guns legal in your city or state, carrying a stun gun is a great way to protect yourself against the threat of an attack. Stun guns, upon contact with an attacker’s torso, send an electroshock wave through the attacker’s body. This causes temporary immobilization, allowing you to flee an emergency situation without causing any likely harm to an attacker. The high voltage delivered by most of Safety Girl’s stun guns allows the mechanism to penetrate heavy clothing, skin, and fat, to get right to the brain’s neurotransmitter system and disable muscles and nerves.

The Streetwise Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun is one of the most powerful stun guns on the market. Disguised to look like a pink cell phone, this stun gun can’t really call for help, but with 900,000 volts of protection, you won’t need to call for help yet. The slender, compact design makes the stun gun look extremely discreet and easy of fit into your purse. For safety and convenience, the stun gun also includes a flashlight and two levels of safety features to prevent accidental discharge. With a pink belt holster to boot, this stun gun has everything you need to stay protected in potentially harmful situations. At just $49.99, you’ll save $10 off the list price!

Need a stun gun that’s perfect for camping, hunting, or just walking through a dark parking lot? Walk with confidence and disguise your self-defense device with Safety Girl’s super-convenient Stun Gun Flashlight. Disguised and doubling as a fully functional flashlight, this stun gun is still one of the most powerful self-defense tools on the market, packing a shopping 1,000,000 volts. The flashlight is pretty powerful, too: with 6 ultra-bright LED bulbs, you’ll be able to see clearly in the darkest spaces. At just $54.99, purchase this great stun gun from Safety Girl today and save almost $15 off the list price!

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