Pink Emergency Roadside Tool Kit from Apollo

With the summer road trip and vacation season upon us, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately equipped to handle a roadside emergency. With Safety Girl’s Pink Emergency Roadside Tool Kit from Apollo, you’ll have everything you need to address roadside calamities, from low tire pressure or a dead battery to dealing with a stalled or broken down vehicle. Everything you need for roadside assistance fits into a compact, soft-sided, pink and black bag that’s perfect for storing in your car’s trunk or backseat.

The Apollo Pink Emergency Roadside Tool Kit is filled with the most useful tools to address car calamities. For the day when you absentmindedly leave your car’s lights on and run your battery out, you’ll find 7ft booster cables in the kit to jumpstart your car. If you find your tire pressure low, you’ll find an air compressor and tire gauge to get your tires inflated again. Even if your car just gets too dirty, the kit includes a mini car vacuum cleaner to keep your car looking good. It’s always a good idea to have a flashlight in your car, and you’ll find one in the kit for nighttime troubles.

For more serious car troubles, the Apollo Pink Emergency Roadside Tool Kit includes a few tools to help you repair your car or get help. For car repairs, you’ll find lots of tools useful care repair tools in your stylish bag, including:

  • 8-inch adjustable wrench
  • 7-inch wire brush
  • 6-inch slip joint pliers
  • Ratcheting bit driver with 20 bits
  • Life Hammer
  • Cable ties
  • Nylon string
  • Voltage tester
  • Help Flag

These great roadside tool kits are available for as low as $53.99 each and a portion of the proceeds from each kit sold supports breast cancer research. Perfect for women of all ages and new drivers, order a kit for you and a girlfriend and enjoy protection against roadside calamities at an even better price!

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