Bear Spray for Camping

Summer is here, and for some ladies, that means camping season has also arrived! Stay safe in the backwoods with Bear Spray from Frontiersman, available at unbeatable prices at Safety Girl’s website.

The Frontiersman Bear Spray and Attacker Deterrent is the best animal attack spray on the market. Although it is specifically designed for use during bear attacks, the spray can be used with other aggressive wild animals. The spray features a 30-foot range, glow-in-the-dark safety mechanism for easy use at night, and a heavy fog delivery to cover a wide radius. The 2.0% capsaicin and related capsaicinoid formula is the maximum strength allowed by the EPA. This bear spray is available in a 7.9-ounce container for $34.99. The spray is also available in a 9.2-ounce container, featuring a 35-foot range for just $42.99.

Safety is essential when camping, but accessibility is also important. That’s why Frontiersman offers its maximum strength bear spray with chest and belt loop holsters. The chest holster fits easily around a man or woman’s chest and keeps the bear attack spray in the center of your chest for easy access. The chest holster includes the bear attack spray in the 7.9-ounce size for $42.99 or the 9.2-ounce option for $46.99.

Frontiersman also makes a belt holster for their bear spray. This holster fits easily through a belt so you can have your bear spray easily accessible on the side of your body. The holster includes the 7.9-ounce bear spray for $40.99 or the 9.2-ounce spray for $42.99. Order yours today to keep you and your family safe while camping this year!

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