Tool Belt Kits from Safety Girl

Whether you’re just starting a new job, or you’re feeling like your working wardrobe needs an update, Safety Girl’s pink tool belt kits make a great addition to your daily uniform. When you order a tool belt kit from Safety Girl’s website, you’ll receive a high-quality hard hat, tool belt, and safety glasses, and you’ll save big by buying the three items together. If pink isn’t your favorite color, Safety Girl offers these great tool belt kits in black, blue, and purple, too.

The pink tool belt kits include Safety Girl’s awesome pink tool belt. This tool belt sports your feminine side, and it’s just as good—if not better than—any man’s tool belt. The tool belt features nine pockets, two sturdy hammer loops, and adjusts to fit waist sizes 30” to 42”. With the tool belt kit, you’ll also have your choice of an MSA, North, or Pyramex hard hat and clear Eva or Eva petite safety glasses. These tool belt kits are available from Safety Girl’s website for just $30.99, which is a huge savings off the list price or separate purchases!

The black tool belt kit from Safety Girl offers more options for hard hats and safety glasses. You’ll still receive Safety Girl’s signature premium tool belt with nine pockets, two hammer loops and an adjustable waist strap. But, you’ll get to choose from a pink, blue, or purple hard hat and you’ll also get to choose from mini clear, mini blue, pink, or purple safety glasses. Just like the pink tool belt kits, the black tool belt kit offers you fantastic savings at a low price of just $30.99.

The blue and purple tool belt kits from Safety Girl offer you even more choices. The blue tool belt kit features Safety Girl’s signature tool belt in blue suede, a blue hard hat, and a choice of clear or blue safety glasses. The purple tool belt kit includes Safety Girl’s signature tool belt in dark purple or light purple, a purple hard hat, and your choice of clear or purple safety glasses. Like the other kits, these are available at Safety Girl’s website for an unbeatable price of $30.99. Order yours today before they’re gone!

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