Women’s Work Gloves

Any working woman knows how tough we are on our hands. Even as the weather gets warmer, protecting your hands from cuts, cracks, and chapping is important. Fortunately, Safety Girl offers you a great selection of work and gardening gloves at awesome prices. With trusted brands like Carhartt and Ironclad, you know you’ll be getting the best quality gloves that will suit a variety of needs.

For gardening enthusiasts, May is when we’re just itching to spend our days in our flower and vegetable beds. Gardening not only makes your hands dirty, but can damage jewelry and dry your skin out, but Safety Girl has you covered with the perfect gardening gloves.

Safety Girl’s gardening gloves are designed specially for women’s hands. Featuring touch micro-suede synthetic palms, padding, and doubly reinforced fingertips, these gloves offer the best of comfort, durability, and functionality. The gloves also feature a Velcro wrist closure to keep your hands clean and a terry brow wipe on the thumb to catch those beads of sweat. These perfect gardening gloves are available for just $15.79 and come in four colors: pink, periwinkle purple, teal, and green. Get yours today!

Designed by Extreme Makeover – Home Edition star Paige Hemmis, the Ironclad Tuff Chix Gloves are tough enough to build a house but specifically designed to fit a woman’s needs. Great for hand and power tool use, equipment operation, landscaping, gardening, and home improvement, these gloves will offer you the durability of the best men’s work gloves but offer features like reinforced fingernail guards to keep your hands looking feminine. These super-tough gloves are available in three sizes for just $18.99 each.

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