Pepper Sprays for Joggers, Walkers, and Cyclists

Summer is here, and if that means more jogging and biking outside, you’ll want to make sure you keep yourself protected with a self-defense pepper spray device from Safety Girl. At Safety Girl’s online store, you can find pepper spray made exclusively for joggers, walkers, and cyclists, keeping your self-defense device convenient, easy to use, and discreet while your exercising.

The Pepper Mace Jogger Model is equipped with a powerful pepper formula that will force your attacker’s eyes to instantly close and induce a burning sensation upon contact. For convenience, the Pepper Mace Jogger Model features a Velcro strap, so you can easily jog or walk, hands-free, with your pepper spray. The model also features a flip-top cap for safety and a finger-grip dispenser for easy use. The unit contains about ten one-second bursts of pepper formula that can reach up to 12 feet. At Safety Girl’s website, this great Mace product is only $13.99

The Sabre Red Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners is another excellent choice for joggers and walkers looking for a convenient and powerful self-defense product. The unit features an adjustable hand strap so you can jog or walk, hands-free. The tiny unit is equipped with Sabre Red’s powerful pepper formula and can deliver approximately 35 shots that can reach distances of up to 10 feet. The unit’s ballistic shots also reduce wind-blow back. At Safety Girl’s online store, you can purchase this powerful self-defense product for just $11.99.

The Sabre Red Cyclist Self Defense Spray for Bikes is the perfect self-defense tool for professional or recreational cyclists. The tiny pepper spray unit attaches simply and securely to a bicycle frame but tears away easily for immediate access. The unit is capable of delivering approximately 60 ballistic shots of powerful pepper formula that can reach distances of up to 10 feet. Buy this pepper spray at Safety Girl’s online store for just $12.99.

Looking for more pepper spray products for joggers and cyclists? Visit Safety Girl’s online store for the complete selection.

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