Ruger Pepper Sprays

Ruger pepper sprays are powerful self-defense products powered by Tornado, a company that is leading the self-defense industry in innovative pepper spray products. Safety Girl’s online store offers a variety of Ruger pepper sprays that are sure to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re at home, on-the-go, in your car, or camping. Check out some of the great Ruger products available from Safety Girl.

The Ruger Lipstick Pepper Spray is designed to look just like a tube of lipstick and will easily blend with other items in your purse. But in case of an emergency, just grab your Ruger lipstick pepper spray, pretend that you’re going to adjust your lipstick, and then launch a surprise assault on an attacker. This small but powerful self-defense device is available in pink from Safety Girl for only $10.99.

The Ruger Pro Extreme Speed Release Pepper Spray is the same canister used by many law enforcement officials. The pepper spray does not have a safety lock, so it may not be suitable for women who have never used pepper spray before, but it releases extra quickly by placing the thumb underneath the trigger guard and pressing down. The spray is only $11.99 at Safety Girl’s website.

The Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray in Pink is a revolutionary self-defense product that incorporates a powerful pepper formula, a 125-decibel ear-piercing alarm, and a blinding strobe light all into one compact unit. The lightweight unit is easy to use. The push of a button releases the unit from the base and activates the alarm and the strobe light in less than one second. These features allow you to audibly signal for help and blind your attacker. Then, by releasing the built-in finger lock, you can engage the pepper spray formula and blind your attacker. This great product is available at Safety Girl’s online store for only $29.95.

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