Vexor Home Defense Pepper Sprays

You know you can trust Safety Girl to offer you the most powerful, safe, and reliable pepper spray products that will keep you protected. While most people think about pepper spray mostly as a mobile self-defense device, many forget that pepper spray is a powerful home defense tool as well.

Safety Girl is proud to offer some great products from Vexor, one of the leading international manufacturers of pepper spray. Vexor uses the same innovative technology for consumer products that is used for its law enforcement products, so you know that when you purchase a Vexor pepper spray, you’re investing in a top-of-the-line product. Vexor makes some excellent pepper spray units that are perfect for home defense use, keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm.

The Vexor Outdoors Ultra Guard Pepper Spray is an excellent home or camping defense spray. The unit features a police strength formulation, and it deploys the powerful pepper formula in a thick and heavy fog pattern that can reach up to sixteen feet, ensuring that you’ll hit your attacker. The formula causes an immediate burning sensation in the eyes, skin, and throat, blinding your attacker and causing intense coughing and sneezing upon contact. The 9.2-ounce unit contains approximately 18 bursts of the pepper formula, features a heavy-duty nozzle for convenience, as well as a safety switch. At Safety Girl’s, website you can order this pepper spray for just $29.99!

The Vexor Magnum Fogger Pepper Spray is another great home defense option. The unit is slightly smaller than the Outdoors Ultra Guard model, but still contains the same powerful police strength pepper formula. The 4.4-ounce unit contains approximately 25 short bursts that deploy in a thick, heavy fog that can reach up to twelve feet in diameter, so you’ll receive maximum coverage. This great unit is available for just $11.99 and is also available in a spray streamer model, which reach distances of up to 15 feet.

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