Vexor Key Chain Pepper Sprays

Looking for a key chain or pocket pepper spray that’s safe, reliable, effective, easy-to-use, and is available at a great price? Check out Safety Girl’s awesome selection of key chain pepper sprays from Vexor. Vexor, manufactured by Zarc, is one of the leading international pepper spray brands. Vexor uses the same technology for personal pepper spray products as they do for their law enforcement sprays, so you know you’ll be buying a top-notch product when you order a Vexor brand spray.

The Vexor Pocket Pepper Spray is made with Vexor’s police-strength pepper spray formula and deploys a thick fog that can reach distances of up to eight feet. The unit contains about 25 bursts and clips easily to your waistband or purse strap for convenience. Best of all, this powerful little unit is only $5.99 at Safety Girl’s website!

The Vexor Hardcase Pepper Spray Key Chain is another excellent pepper spray choice. The 14-gram canister can shoot a powerful pepper formula up to eight feet in distance and three feet in diameter. The unit includes a key ring for convenience: you can attach it to your keys or even just hang it from a key hook in your house. And, because Safety Girl knows you love your colors, you can order this pepper spray in black, blue, red, and yellow for just $8.99 each!

The Vexor Key Guard Pepper Spray is yet another great choice for a compact self-defense device. Like the Hardcase Pepper Spray, the Key Guard Pepper Spray contains a powerful pepper formula that can be deployed up to eight feet in distance and three feet in diameter. The unit contains one ½ ounce of the pepper formula and includes a key ring for convenience. Choose from orange, black, blue, green, purple, red, and yellow models for only $8.99 each!

Looking for more Vexor pepper spray models? Visit Safety Girl’s online store today!

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