Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray

Vexor Pepper Sprays are among of the most effective pepper sprays on the market. Manufactured with the same technology as law enforcement pepper sprays, the Vexor pepper sprays available to consumers can stop a wide range of threats in just a split second. And, Vexor products are made from natural substances, so they are completely safe.

All Vexor products feature proven and consistent results, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic spray, ultra speedy firing, and the assurance that your products have been manufactured by Zarc, an international manufacturer of high-quality pepper sprays. Zarc’s products have been tested and approved by the U.S. Marshall’s Office, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, several brancehes of the U.S. military and many other state and national law enforcement agencies.

Safety Girl is proud to offer a fantastic selection of Vexor pepper spray products at wildly discounted prices. One of Vexor’s most unique products is the Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray, which uses a unique microspin technology for extra power.

The Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray is truly a unique pepper spray model. Using microspin technology, when engaged, the unit fires the pepper spray in a strong oval riffling pattern that expands the overall impact of your fire. The unit includes police strength pepper spray and can accurately shoot it up to fifteen feet. The Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray has a four-year shelf life and works in cold climates, too.

For convenience, the Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray includes a key chain, so you can always have this compact unit accessible in case of a vulnerable situation. Best of all, the Vexor Microspin Pepper Spray comes in black, red, or pink. Order yours today at Safety Girl’s website for just $14.99, a savings of $7 off the list price!

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