Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Sprays

Cold Steel Inferno, although more famous for their knives, manufactures a terrific line of pepper sprays that are perfect for civilian self-defense. Safety Girl is pleased to carry a variety of Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray products, including a disguised pepper spray pen, key ring pepper sprays, and larger pepper sprays designed for home protection.

Cold Steel Inferno pepper sprays are great for civilian use because the pepper spray is formulated into foam, rather than a spray or a fog. For civilians who do not use pepper spray on a regular basis, this feature makes the product much easier to aim at your target. The foam also will not contaminate an entire space, making Cold Steel Inferno products perfect for indoor use or confined spaces, such as offices, homes, businesses, or parking garages. Finally, Cold Steel Inferno products are all natural, containing no carcinogens or isopropyl alcohol.

According to Rick Saxby, a reviewer and author of the website, What’s Your Fighting Philosophy, Cold Steel Inferno pepper sprays go above and beyond your average pepper spray product. The combination of habanero pepper mixed with black pepper (instead of the traditional jalapeno pepper formula) is incredibly effective for self-defense. This is because the black pepper formula causes intense sneezing, which draws the habanero pepper into the lungs, nose, and respiratory system causing an internal burning sensation, swelling, and difficulty breathing. Finally, the HFC134A propellant used in the pepper spray canisters is designed for long-lasting sprays, and the pepper sprays can be deployed for up to ten continuous seconds before the power begins to diminish. According to Saxby, this makes the pepper spray more effective on attackers who may be consuming alcohol or other drugs that can diminish sensation and reaction time.

Visit Safety Girl’s website today for their complete selection of Cold Steel Inferno pepper sprays.

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