Wisconsin Pepper Sprays

Wisconsin women: the state of Wisonsin has specific pepper spray regulations, including the rules that pepper spray products may contain no more than 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC), cannot be mixed with any other formulas (including tear gas or UV dye), and must contain a safety mechanism. Fortunately, Safety Girl has a great selection of pepper spray products formulated specifically for Wisconsin women who want to stay protected from harm. Check out these great products by Mace.

The Mace Wisconsin 10% PepperGard Leather Plus is a great and economical way to stay protected from potential attackers. This pepper spray unit features a powerful formulation of Mace’s pepper formula that meets Wisconsin regulations and can reach distances of up to 10 feet. The PepperGard Leather Plus model also includes a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap to prevent accidental firing, a key chain to ensure that your pepper spray is always accessible, and a red faux leather pouch. Best of all, this pepper spray is available at Safety Girl’s website for an incredibly low price of $6.99. Order yours today!

The Mace Wisconsin 10% PepperGard Pocket is another fantastic self-defense option for Wisconsin residents. The unit is compact, but the Mace pepper formula it contains can spray up to 12 feet and is formulated to meet Wisconsin regulations. The unit also features an easy aim finger trip that can be used with the right or left hand, a flip top safety cap and a key chain to keep your device accessible. Order yours today at Safety Girl’s website for just $11.99!

If you’re looking for a slightly larger pepper spray that is legal in Wisconsin, check out the Mace Wisconsin 10% PepperGard Personal pepper spray. This unit is just like the PepperGard Pocket, but contains more sprays. This great pepper spray is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $11.99.

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