California Pepper Sprays

Attention California girls! All pepper sprays shipped to customers in California must be 2.5 ounces or smaller. Fortunately Safety Girl has tons of pepper spray products that meet these requirements. Read on for the specs on just two of these awesome products.

The PepperBlaster II is the latest generation of less-lethal products from Kimber. This pepper spray is one of the most revolutionary self-defense tools on the market. Unlike most pepper sprays, this unit is shaped like a gun and is designed to fit ergonomically into your hand regardless of whether you are right handed or left handed. Kimber’s patented technology allows you to deliver multiple shots of the PepperBlaster’s potent pepper spray formula at up to 90 miles per hour. This high-speed delivery reduces wind blow-back and increases your target accuracy by reaching distances of up to 13 feet in just a fraction of a second. This great pepper spray device is available at Safety Girl’s website in red or gray for just $32.99, a huge savings of $12.01 off the list price!

The Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray is a three-in-one self-defense system that incorporates a pepper spray unit, personal alarm, and strobe light into one compact device that is about the size of a cell phone. The pepper spray component of the unit features a powerful pepper formula that can reach distances of up to fifteen feet. A built-in finger lock allows you to always be confident that you’re pointing the unit in the right direction. The personal alarm system features a 125dB ear-piercing alarm that will shock any attacker. The tiny unit also features a strobe light that will provide an additional surprise. Best of all, this unit comes in a great pink color so you can sport your feminine side, too. This Ruger pepper spray is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $29.95, a savings of $7 off the list price.

Looking for more California pepper sprays? Visit Safety Girl’s website today for the complete selection!

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