Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Products

Safety Girl offers a great selection of Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray products. Although you may know Cold Steel Inferno best for their knives, they manufacture excellent pepper sprays that are designed specially for civilian use. First, the pepper spray is formulated into a foam, making it easy to aim, especially for people who are not accustomed to using pepper sprays. Second, the combination of habanero pepper and black pepper (instead of the traditional jalapeno pepper formula) is particularly effective in causing intense sneezing. This allows the pepper formula to penetrate deep into the lungs and respiratory system, causing internal swelling, and difficulty breathing. Finally, the pepper sprays are all-natural and won’t contaminate an entire room, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Here are just a few Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray products Safety Girl has to offer.

If you’re looking for a disguised pepper spray product that will easily fit into your pocket or purse, check out the Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray pen. The unit looks just like a beautiful, classy pen, but when you open the cap, you’ll surprise your attacker with Cold Steel Inferno’s powerful pepper foam formula. At Safety Girl’s website, this unit is only $10.99. Be sure to order the inert version to practice your aim before using the real thing.

Cold Steel Inferno also manufactures a 0.38-ounce pepper spray keychain that is perfect for women who want to always have their pepper spray accessible. Did you know that many women reach for their keys when they feel threatened? This great pepper spray product is available for just $12.49. An inert unit is also available for practice.

If you’re looking for a traditional pepper spray product that is still small enough to travel with, check out Cold Steel Inferno’s 1.3-ounce pepper spray unit. This unit is available for just 15.99 on Safety Girl’s website and you can also order an inert unit for practice.

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