Pepper Spray for Campus Safety

It’s August and back-to-school season has officially begun. If you’re going to college this year, or you know someone who is going off to college, Safety Girl can help you and your loved ones stay safe with a variety of pepper spray products that are perfect for carrying on college campuses. The pepper sprays from Safety Girl are available to you at the most competitive prices on the Internet and make great gifts, too!

The Vexor Pepper Spray Tri Pack is a great gift for any woman going off to college because it comes with three fantastic products. For home defense, the Tri Pack includes a 4.4-ounce Magnum Pepper Spray with a heavy duty nozzle and built in safety switch. For on-the-go, always-accessible protection, the Tri Pack includes a ½-ounce key chain pepper spray. For disinfecting your skin after use, the kit also includes a first-aid wipe. The pepper spray products feature a super-hot police strength formula that deploys in a thick fog. The formula also has a low freezing point, ensuring it will be effective even in cold weather. Best of all, this great Tri Pack of self-defense products is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $21.97.

The Sabre Red Spitfire pepper spray is one of the most compact and fast deploying pepper sprays on the market, making it perfect for carrying around a college campus. The Spitfire has a unique shape that makes the super-hot pepper spray easy to deploy, even from the hip or over the shoulder. The unit also includes a quick-release key chain, so you can easily release it from the rest of your keys. The unit contains about 8 shots of powerful pepper formula, is available in black, purple, or red, and is only $13.49 on Safety Girl’s website!

These are just a two of the great pepper sprays available at Safety Girl’s website. Visit the online store for the complete selection!

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