Uzi Tactical Pens

Although pepper spray is among the most common civilian self-defense tools on the market, impact weapons offer a less lethal way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Safety Girl offers a wide selection of impact weapons that will provide you with the self-defense protection you need to keep yourself safe from harm, whether you are a civilian or law enforcement official. Check out a few of the great impact weapons from Uzi, one of the most respected self-defense manufacturers on the market.

The Uzi Tactical Defender Pen is a simple, yet powerful and sophisticated self-defense tool. This tactical pen looks like an innocent pen, but when needed, it can save your life. To use as a self-defense tool, the crown of the pen can be employed to poke or jab an attacker. Thanks to Uzi’s innovative technology, the pen can also collect an attacker’s DNA for future identification. Designed for law enforcement, this pen is a must-have for anyone who is required to expect the unexpected on the job. The Uzi Tactical Defender Pen is available in black or gunmetal at Safety Girl’s website for just $17.99. Also check out the Uzi Tactical Defender Pen with Built-In Cuff Key for just $21.99, available in black or gunmetal.

The Uzi Tactical Glassbreaker Pen is another great option for law enforcement officials or anyone who needs a tactical pen as a self-defense tool. This Uzi pen features a refillable pen with a glass-breaking tip that can be used to inflict pain on an attacker in a life-threatening situation or even escape from a submerged vehicle. This pen is available in black or gunmetal from Safety Girl’s website for just $17.99.

Looking for more tactical pens? Visit Safety Girl’s online store for the complete selection!

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