Self-Defense Key Chains

If you’re looking for a simple, non-lethal way to protect yourself, consider purchasing a self-defense key chain from Safety Girl’s online store. Although pepper spray is a popular civilian self-defense tool, many women hesitate to carry pepper sprays, fearing that they will not be able to use the device properly in the heat of the moment. A self-defense key chain is simple to use and you can always keep is accessible if attached to your keys. You also won’t have to worry about particular state laws for carrying pepper spray or the risk of contaminating an indoor area with pepper formula. Check out these two great self-defense key chains from Safety Girl.

The Original Fury Self Defense Key Chain is simple and easy to use, but packs a powerful punch as well. The Original Fury is 5.75 inches long and made of strong aircraft grade aluminum for maximum power. Designed for novices, the key chain is pointed enough to inflict harm on an attacker but blunt enough to be less threatening than other tactical weapons. The key chain is also lightweight—just 2.2 ounces—so it won’t weight your keys down. For an extra bit of style, this key chain is available in black, crimson, orange, pink, and silver. Best of all, the Original Fury Self Defense Key Chain won’t break the bank—it’s available for just $4.49 at Safety Girl’s website.

The Brutus Self Defense Key Chain is another great non-lethal self-defense tool. Manufactured from impact resistant plastic, this key chain is designed to look like an innocent dog, but it’s an incredibly powerful self-defense device. The dog’s “eyes” double as finger holes for a secure grip, and the “ears” provide the pointed jabbing mechanism. This key chain is available in black, blue, brown, pink, purple, orange, and yellow at Safety Girl’s website for just $5.99 each.

Photo Source: Safety Girl Website
Photo Source: Safety Girl Website

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