Discreet Stun Guns

Stun guns are a powerful self-defense tool that are easy to use and incredibly effective. Unlike pepper sprays, when you use a stun gun, you don’t need to worry about misfiring pepper spray or contaminating an area. When you order a stun gun from Safety Girl’s website, you can even choose from discreet models, keeping your self-defense mechanism disguised to bring the ultimate surprise on an attacker. Check out a few of the discreet stun guns from Safety Girl.

Photo Source: Safetygirl.com
Photo Source: Safetygirl.com

The 1,000,0000-volt cell phone stun gun looks just like a cell phone but will bring the ultimate surprise to any attacker. Although the stun gun looks just like a cell phone, complete with touch tone buttons and a screen, it only functions as a stun gun. Just release the safety switch (prevents accidental engagement) and press the “stun” button, which is located where the “end” button on a cell phone would normally be, to send 1 million volts of electroshock energy to your attacker. This cell phone stun gun also includes an LED flashlight feature and comes with a case, belt clip, and 3 CR2 batteries. Order yours today for just $45.99

The 1,000,000-volt stun gun flashlight is another great option for ladies looking for a discreet stun gun. This flashlight is perfect for camping, hunting, or dark parking lots and is also a great home defense safety device. This stun gun flashlight functions as an ultra bright flashlight, with 6 LED lights and a Ni-MH rechargeable battery. In the face of danger, however, your attacker will be surprised to receive a 1-million-volt electric shock. The unit also comes with a wall charger, carrying case, and wrist strap. Order yours today for just $54.99.

Looking for more stun guns? Visit Safety Girl’s website for the complete selection!


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