Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit

Looking for a taser but don’t know how to get started? Check out Safety Girl’s Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit. This kit includes everything you’ll need to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm. Read on to discover why this device is the perfect self-defense device.

The Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is the TASER basic entry level kit, but it’s manufactured with your safety needs in mind. The Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is designed with the same technology as tasers and stun guns manufactured for law enforcement officials, with incredible take-down and superior protection capabilities.

One of the most unique features of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is that it features a taser and a stun gun in one unit. Although the device is easy to aim, if all your taser darts miss, you can still use the unit as a stun gun. Simply press the unit against your attacker and pull the trigger to release the electric shock. The Taser C2’s 30-second cycle feature will provide you with a precious window of time to flee the scene and call for help.

The manufacturers of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit take safety seriously. When you receive your Taser C2, the device will be in ChekLok mode. To unlock the device and allow for use, you must call the manufacturer and pass a background check. Each device’s cartridge is also equipped with anti-felon identification (AFID) technology, so when the device is engaged, bar-coded, confetti-like ID tags are dispersed on the area, making it difficult for criminals to hid evidence.

Other unique features of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit include an ergonomic design, safety cover to prevent accidental discharge, long-lasting lithium powered magazine battery, and practice target. Order yours today!


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