Pepper Gels

Do you know the difference between pepper spray and pepper gel? If you don’t, you might not realize that pepper gel is the best self defense tool for you. Unlike pepper spray, the capsaicinoid concentration in pepper gel is suspended in a sticky solution that is sure to aggravate any attacker. Streaming pepper sprays and foggers can contaminate a space with an uncomfortable pepper scent that can take several hours to dissipate, whereas pepper gel formulas allow only the attacker to be sprayed with minimal cross-contamination.  Here are just a few pepper gel products available at Safety Girl’s online store.

Mace Pepper Gel - Magnum
Mace Pepper Gel - Magnum

The Mace Pepper Gel Magnum is one of the best pepper gels on the market, thanks to Mace’s superior pepper formula and trusted brand name. The pepper gel contains a 1.4% concentration of pepper formula, hotter than many pepper sprays on the market. The pepper gel solution minimizes the cross-contamination that is typical of most pepper sprays and foggers, making the unit ideal for use in a home, office, or other indoor location. The formula, when deployed, can reach distances of up to 25 feet and also contains UV dye to invisibly mark your attacker for later identification. Order yours today for just $16.89 from Safety Girl’s website.

Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense
Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense

The Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense is perfect for women who want to protect themselves and their loved ones at home without investing in an expensive alarm system. Mace’s powerful 1.4% pepper formula is hotter than most pepper sprays on the market and the sticky gel is sure to aggravate and scare off any attacker. Like most pepper gels, the Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense minimizes cross-contamination, making the unit ideal for home, office, and other indoor use. Capable of reaching distances of up to 10 feet further than conventional sprays, the Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense can reach distances of up to 25 feet. A pistol grip dispenser makes aiming the unit easy, and a safety pin prevents accidental discharge. Order this great home defense device today for just $43.99.

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