Home Defense Pepper Spray

Although most people think of pepper spray as a portable self-defense device, pepper spray also serves as an effective, low-cost and powerful defense device for your home. With higher-volume containers that are capable of covering a larger radius of space, pepper sprays surely deliver an element of surprise, fear and temporary pain to any attacker that dares to come by your home. Keep your family and loved ones safe from harm with one of these great pepper sprays specifically designed for home use.

The Streetwise Pepper Spray with Pistol Grip is appropriately nicknamed the “make my day” pepper spray. This pepper spray comes in a 1.5-pound container, and when engaged, delivers a thick cloud of incapacitating pepper spray that will make any attacker with he hadn’t stepped foot on your property. The pistol grip is designed for security guards, police officers, and other law enforcement officials for crowd control, but also makes the pepper spray easier to aim and engage. With law enforcement strength designed for civilian use, this 17% pepper formula pepper spray is perfect for keeping your home, office, or place of business safe from harm. This great pepper spray is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $46.99.

The Cold Steel Inferno 10.5-ounce Large Home Unit Pepper Spray is another great home defense option. This pepper spray is unlike any pepper sprays you may have heard of because it combines an 8% blend of Oleoresin Capsicum and 2% black pepper into a thick, highly targetable foam, that makes it among the most powerful home defense sprays on the market. Another great feature of this pepper spray is that the formula is designed without carcinogens or isopropyl alcohol, so that it won’t contaminate an entire room, making it ideal for use at home, in an office, or in a parking garage. With a pistol grip, this pepper spray is also very easy to target towards your attacker. Order yours today for just $55.99.


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