Moxie Trades Women’s Safety Glasses

If you’re looking for protective eye-wear that’s designed to fit a woman’s face, look no further than Safety Girl’s online store, where you can find Moxie Trades safety glasses at an unbeatable price. These safety glasses were designed especially to fit a woman’s face. They are also specifically designed to feel lightweight, no bulky or heavy glasses to make you uncomfortable all day long.

These glasses don’t skimp on flair or safety! They feature a sleek design with a black frame on top and a rimless design around the bottom of the lenses, the wraparound shape is flattering for a woman’s face. The glasses also feature a built-in nose piece. The Moxie Trades women’s safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 approved. The strong but lightweight polycarbonate lenses filter out 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation to protect your eyes as well.

The Moxie Trades Women’s Safety Glasses are available in several colors. The Vermillion Orange Moxie Trades Safety Glasses block out glare and blue light, which make them ideal for examining metal or glass products. The Moxie Trades Mirror Safety Glasses offer a stylish alternative to traditional safety glasses and are ideal for either an outdoor or indoor work environment. Finally, the Moxie Trades Clear Safety Glasses are a no-frills option suitable for those who work only in an indoor situation.

No matter what style you choose, ordering these great safety glasses at Safety Girl’s online store give you these glasses at the best price available on the Internet. Each pair of Moxie Trades Safety Glasses is available for just $16.99, a savings of $2.01 off the list price. Keep these glasses in mind for stocking stuffers, too!

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