Uzi Key Chain Pepper Sprays

Carrying your pepper spray on a key chain is on of the most popular ways among women to keep a self-defense device ready and easily accessible. At Safety Girl’s online store, you can find a great selection of key chain pepper sprays at the best prices available on the Internet. With a variety of brands and styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect key chain pepper spray. These also make great holiday gifts and stocking-stuffers, too, so order a few for you and for your friends and loved ones. Check out just two of these great key chain pepper spray models available from Uzi, one of the most expert self-defense companies on the consumer and professional market.

The Uzi Keycap Pepper Spray offers you a perfect companion while your running errands, walking around a college campus, or walking to and from your car at work. Just a short blast from this compact but powerful pepper spray key chain will incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes, delivering to them a severe burning and tearing sensation in the eyes, uncontrollable coughing and difficulty breathing, and a burning sensation in the skin. This pepper spray features a clear plastic holster with a key chain attached to it and is available for just $6.99.

The Uzi Quick Release Pepper Spray with Hard Case is another great key chain pepper spray option. This key chain pepper spray features the same powerful pepper formula as the Uzi Keycap Pepper Spray, but the key chain features a hard black case and a quick-release key chain. This way your pepper spray stays accessible on your keys, but can also be quickly removed from your key chain for maximum accessibility. This pepper spray key chain is available for just $8.99 at the Safety Girl website, a savings of nearly $4 off the list price.

Looking for more key chain pepper sprays? Visit Safety Girl’s online store for the complete selection!

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