Pink Emergency Roadside Kit

With the holiday season officially here, it’s important to think about how you’ll stay safe when traveling to visit friends and family. If you’re traveling by car, then Safety Girl’s Pink Emergency Roadside Kit from Apollo will have everything you need to stay safe while driving, and be prepared for any emergency. This kit is a must-have for any road-tripping girl this holiday season, and also makes a great holiday gift, too.

The Pink Emergency Roadside Kit includes everything you need for roadside emergencies. If your battery dies, you’ll be able to jump start your car with 7-foot booster cables. For mechanical emergencies, the kit includes an 8-inch adjustable wrench, ratcheting drill bit driver with 20 bits, and 6-inch slip joint pliers. To test your tire pressure, the kit includes a tire gauge. For electrical ailments, the kit includes a voltage tester and electrical tape. For other auto problems, you’ll find an air compressor that operates through the car’s cigarette lighter, a wire brush, life hammer and cable ties in the kit, as well.

True to Safety Girl’s form, the Pink Emergency Roadside kit includes tools and gadgets to keep you safe and stylish, too. For safety, this roadside kit includes a plastic flashlight for nighttime repairs or to alert others for help. The kit also includes a help flag to let other drivers know you’re in need of assistance. Finally, this great roadside kit even includes a pink car vacuum cleaner so you won’t have to drive a dirty car ever!

Everything in this kit fits into a compact, stylish pink and black soft-sided bag. Order one of these great kits today for yourself and for your loved ones who spend lots of time on the road for just $69.99 each, that’s a savings of over $35 off the list price!

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