Roadside Emergency Safety Triangles

Did you know that Safety Girl sells Roadside Emergency Safety Triangles? Whether you drive a semi-truck or a compact car, roadside safety triangles are a great safety item to keep with you when you’re traveling, especially long distances on the highway. When placed 100 feet behind your vehicle after pulling off to the side of the road, safety triangles let others know that your vehicle is stopped and encourages them to slow down to stay safe. Safety Girl offers three great options for roadside safety triangles: read all about them below.

The standard Safety Triangle is the simplest safety triangle model Safety Girl offers. This safety triangle is constructed from molded polypropylene plastic and includes red acrylic plastic reflectors. The design, which allows for air flow, reduces wind resistance so your triangle won’t blow away on a windy day. The kit meets Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 125 and includes one red triangle in a hard plastic case. This triangle is available from Safety Girl’s website for just $8.99.

Another great option is to order the Standard Safety Triangle in a 3-pack Box. The 3-pack includes 3 molded polypropylene plastic triangles with red acrylic plastic reflectors. The air flow design helps reduce wind resistance so the triangles will not fall over or blow away in high winds. These triangles meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 125 and are available from Safety Girl’s website for just $22.99.

The Roadside Emergency Triangle Kit is another great option is you’re looking for a 3-pack of triangles. These triangles meet Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125. The kit includes three large, 16.5-inch reflective triangles. For durability and design, the triangles feature a weighted base and wire bracing. The triangles fit neatly into a durable plastic carrying case for only $33.89.

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