Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit

If you’re traveling by car during this holiday season, Safety Girl makes it easy to stay safe and be prepared for any roadside malady with their signature Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit. This kit is packed full of emergency roadside essentials for the driving woman. This great kit includes some of Safety Girl’s best-selling personal safety items, with items selected particularly for traveling by car, as well as those selected exclusively for women. Read on to learn about what this great kit includes.

For roadside trouble, the Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit includes what every girl needs to know but can’t always remember: directions on how to change a flat tire and jump-start a dead car battery (spare tires and jumper cables not included). For other types of roadside emergencies, the kit also includes two emergency blankets, two twelve-hour safety light sticks, and one accident record card and a pencil.

The kit also includes a variety of safety gear. To stay safe at night, you’ll find a Safety Girl flashlight with a carabiner in the kit. In case of an attack, you’ll also find a stun gun and a lipstick-disguised pepper spray in the kit to provide you with simple, easy-to-use self-defense devices. Having personal contact information is always a good idea as well, so the kit includes an emergency contact card.

Finally, this kit includes all the little essentials traveling women could ever want. In this kit you’ll find a sewing kit, Dove deodorant, 2 Shout stain-removing wipes, a lens cleaning cloth, 2 bottles of water, breath mints, a nail file, hairspray and a brush, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, tampons, and even 2 squares of Ghirardelli chocolate!

This kit is perfect for every woman who wants to stay safe on the road and makes a great holiday gift as well. Order one for yourself and kits for your loved ones today for just $49.99!

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