Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays are a time for celebrating and enjoying the company of family and friends, but they are also a time of increased crime, notably theft, burglaries, and break-ins. Keep your home safe for the holidays this year with these simple tips.

  1. Lock your doors. Locking your doors even when you are home is one of the easiest ways to prevent holiday crime. Be sure to lock all windows and doors when you leave your house, too, even if you’re only leaving for a few minutes.
  2. Install an alarm system and activate it whenever you leave your home. If an alarm system isn’t in your budget, consider a Home Defense Pepper Spray from Safety Girl’s website.
  3. If you’re leaving the house for an extended period of time, arrange for a neighbor or friend to check on your house, take in your newspaper and mail, and shovel your driveway.
  4. Install light timers near windows to give the appearance that someone is home. Consider keeping your TV on a time when you’re away as well.
  5. Keep valuables, such as electronics and gift displays out of sight, especially if you’re leaving town. Be sure to dispose of or store boxes from gifts, as well.
  6. Install motion-sensing lights around your house. Crimes are less likely to occur in well-lit areas, so keeping lights around your house–especially those that turn on in response to movement–will deter criminals from breaking in.
  7. Create an inventory of your valuables, including the make, model and serial numbers, and have photographs of them, too. Valuable should include electronics and jewelry. Keep the inventory in a safe place, preferably out of your house.

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