Uzi Stun Pens

Stun guns are excellent self-defense devices that leave any attacker incapacitated and give you time to flee a dangerous scene to seek help. They also don’t cause any long-term harm to the attacker, and, unlike pepper spray, they won’t contaminate an area. But stun guns can be a bit bulky and difficult to carry. If you’re looking for a stun gun that’s ultra compact and won’t weigh you down, check out the awesome Stun Pens from Uzi, one of the most trusted manufacturers of civilian and law enforcement defense devices on the market.

The Uzi 100,000-Volt Stun Pen is an economical, powerful, and compact self-defense device. The 100,000-volt power will effectively incapacitate an attacker upon contact, leaving you time to flee the scene a seek help. This powerful little machine runs on just 2 AAA batteries, and for convenience and easy accessibility, comes with a holster. This Uzi stun pen is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $26.99.

The Uzi 300,000-Volt Stun Pen is the perfect option for a woman looking for a compact and economical stun pen with a little extra juice. The pen delivers its powerful jolts running on just 2 AAA batteries and includes a holster for convenience and easy accessibility. This powerful self-defense device is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $29.99.

The Uzi 500,000-Volt Stun Pen is the most powerful stun gun pen available from Uzi through Safety Girl’s online store. This pen delivers an extremely powerful and incapacitating blow to any attacker, leaving you plenty of time to flee the scene of an attack and get help. Like the other Uzi stun pens, this one requires just 2 AAA batteries and also includes a holster for easy access. Order one of these great stun pens today for just $37.99.

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