Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit

Pepper spray is a great way to protect yourself from attackers. Pepper spray is powerful and effective in deterring attackers, but its effects are temporary and do not cause long term harm. Pepper spray is also useful in a variety of situation, including at home, in or near your car, and outdoors. If you’re new to using pepper spray, the Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit is the perfect way to learn how to use pepper spray and practice using a variety of pepper spray devices.

One of the best features of the Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit is the opportunity to practice using pepper spray and get a feel for how quickly the spray is deployed, the distance of the shot, and the weight and versatility of the device. To allow for practice, the Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit includes the Sabre Combo Key chain Self Defense Spray Practice Canister and two pepper spray targets. These practice materials will help you develop confidence in your self-defense abilities before using the pepper spray in the real world.

Another great feature of the Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit is the variety of pepper spray products you receive. For home use, the kit includes the Sabre Red Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger. This pepper spray product is capable of firing up to 20 shots of dense pepper fog at distances of up to 25 feet for maximum coverage. For use in the car, the kit includes the Mace Triple Action Police pepper spray, which includes a powerful blend of pepper formula and tear gas for maximum effect. For use on the go, the kit includes the Sabre Pocket Self Defense Spray, which clips can clip to your belt or waistband for easy accessibility, as well as a disguised lipstick pepper spray.

The Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit offers a great value, too. Order one today for just $71.99!

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