Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kits

If you’re new to using pepper spray and are not feeling so confident about your abilities, a pepper spray kit from Cold Steel Inferno is a great way to get started. Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray kits include a practice canister filled with inert spray and practice targets that allow you to get a feel for how quickly the pepper spray is released, the weight of the pepper spray, and how far the pepper spray will reach before using the actual pepper spray device in the real world. Read on to learn about two of the Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kits available at Safety Girl’s website.

The Cold Steel Inferno 1.3-ounce Pepper Spray Kit includes everything you need to get started using pepper spray. The kit contains a 1.3-ounce canister of Cold Steel Inferno’s signature pepper spray. The spray contains 8% pepper formula and 2% black pepper: one good shot in the face with the spray will cause an attacker temporary blindness and induce choking, coughing, nausea, sneezing, and swelling of the throat and lungs. The Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray is a highly targetable foam, is non-contaminating, and does not contain carcinogens or isopropyl alcohol. The kit also includes 2 practice pepper spray units and targets to help you gain confidence using the pepper spray before being required to use it for self-defense in the real world. This kit is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $29.99, a savings of $9 off the list price.

The Cold Steel Inferno 2.5-ounce Pepper Spray Kit includes features the same powerful pepper formula as the pepper spray included in the 1.3-ounce kit, but with larger practice and live canisters. The kit includes one live, 2.5-ounce pepper spray canister, two practice canisters, and two pepper spray targets. Order this kit today from Safety Girl’s website for just $34.99, a savings of $14 off the list price!

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