Mace Pepper Guns

If you’re looking for a pepper spray device that will give you the most accurate aim that still delivers a powerful pepper formula, the Mace Pepper Guns are the perfect choice for you. With Mace Pepper Guns, you know you’re purchasing a device with a potent, super-strength pepper formula. But you’ll also have the security of firing the pepper spray from a gun instead of a simple spray can, making the device easier to aim.

The Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate defense pepper spray unit available on the market. The pepper spray gun features an OC super-strenth pepper formula of 0.74 capsaicinoids, and the disposable cartridge can be replaced when empty, making the gun reusable. The Mace Pepper Gun features “bag-in-a-can” technology, an advanced delivery system that enables you to deliver a constant stream of pepper formula to your attacker.

This pepper spray can reach distances of 28 feet. To improve your aim and also provide a distraction for your attacker, the gun features a LED light that is trigger activated. The pepper gun is available in four colors to allow you to sport your favorite style: blue/black, pink, silver and sky blue. With the Mace Pepper Gun, you’ll receive a 28-gram pepper cartridge, water test cartridge and batteries for the LED light. This pepper gun has a list price of $74.95, but at Safety Girl’s website, you can purchase this gun for just $50.99, a savings of about $24!

Safety Girl’s online store also has the Mace Pepper Gun Refill Pepper Cartridges and Water Test Cartridges. The Pepper Cartridge Pack contains one super-powered OC pepper cartridge (0.74 capsaicinoids) and one water test cartridge that features the same “bag-in-a-can” technology as the cartridge that comes with your Mace Pepper Gun. This pack is only $15.99 at Safety Girl’s Website. You can also purchase a two-pack of the Water Test Cartridges for practice for just $9.99.

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