Mace Security Pepper Guns

Mace Pepper Guns provide you with a double advantage when it comes to self-defense. First, when you purchase any Mace pepper spray device, you know that you’re purchasing a self-defense device that contains an extremely powerful pepper formula that can disable any attacker in a matter of seconds. Second, purchasing a pepper spray gun gives you an advantage over the traditional spray designs because the gun shape gives you more accurate aim. Safety Girl has a great selection of Mace Pepper Spray Guns. Here are two of the guns from the Mace Security line.

The Mace Security International Mace Pepper Gun with Flashing Strobe is a sophisticated and powerful pepper spray device. The device contains a 28-gram cartridge of Mace’s powerful pepper formula that contains 10% O.C. spray and UV dye to invisibly mark your attacker. The unit contains approximately 7 shots of this formula that can reach distances of up to 20 feet. The pepper spray device also contains a dual mode LED light activated with a trigger that will disorient an attacker and also help you perfect your aim before firing. This pepper spray gun comes in matte-finished black for a sleek look, and the gun also includes a water practice cartridge and batteries for the light. Order this powerful device today for just $56.50.

The Mace Security International Mace Warrior OC Gun is for all you women out there who work and play hard! This Warrior Gun features the same powerful pepper formula as the Mace Security International pepper gun (10% O.C. and UV dye), but this gun also features a high-impact ABS construction to prevent the unit from becoming damaged. The gun contains approximately seven shots of pepper formula that can reach distances of up to 20 feet. The gun features a camouflage design and with the gun, you’ll also receive a custom fit camouflage holster and water practice cartridge. Order this pepper gun today for just $46.29.

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