Mace Pocket Pepper Sprays

Pocket Pepper sprays are one of the most convenient and popular ways to keep yourself protected from potential attackers. Pocket pepper sprays are small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, and many of them can also attach to your key chain to ensure that it is always accessible. Check out a few of the pocket pepper sprays available from Mace, one of the most trusted pepper spray manufacturers, available at unbeatable prices at Safety Girl’s website.

The Hot Pink Mace Pocket Pepper Spray contains Mace’s most popular pepper formula in a smaller, pocket size container. This pepper spray is perfect for keeping attackers at bay: a single shot to the eyes will incapacitate anyone. The pocket pepper spray contains Mace’s maximum strength 10% pepper formula with 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration. The device features a safety cap to prevent accidental discharge and a finger grip dispenser to ensure accurate aim. Best of all, the pepper spray’s plastic holster is hot pink! Order one of these pepper sprays today for just $9.29, a savings of over $5 off the list price.

The Mace Triple Action Pocket pepper spray is another small and compact, yet powerful pocket pepper spray option. The Triple Action formula, a combination of 10% pepper formula, tear gas, and UV dye will keep you safe from potential attackers. The pepper formula causes the attacker’s eyes to slam shut and induces uncontrollable chocking, while the tear gas causes tearing and disorientation. The UV dye invisibly marks an assailant for later identification. The finger grip dispenser makes aiming easier and the unit contains a chain that can attach to your key ring. The 11-gram unit contains approximately 5 one-second bursts that can reach distances of up to 12 feet. Order yours today for just $11.99.

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